About Bionter

At Bionter, we are driven by the core idea of revolutionizing analytical testing to benefit people’s health. Our mission is founded by Tobias Werk and centered around the fundamental goal of human well-being. As an innovative start-up, we are dedicated to becoming a world-class provider of particle counters specifically tailored to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Join us as we take you behind the scenes of Bionter, introduce you to our passionate team, and share our ambitious vision.

What We Belive In

Bionter is based on three simple values. We share them among ourselves and those we partner and do business with.


Our commitment to quality and safety drives our modus operandi. It also underpins our conviction that sustainability, through clear thinking and efficiency, must be central to everything we do.


We treat each other, all those we do business with, and those we seek to support as we expect to be treated ourselves. We believe respect is the foundation that builds trust.


Innovation that drives positive change is evolution. With efficiency and drive we seek to go one step further by delivering breakthrough technologies that positively disrupt and revolutionize our partners’ businesses, our stakeholders and the patients they seek to support.

Bionter’s Executive Team

Bionter’s management team consists of renowned experts in the field of biopharmaceutical industry and particle testing, holding both research and entrepreneurial backgrounds. Together with our collaboration partners, we are working on the idea of improving drug development and quality control. With current as well as future developments within the bioprocess workflow, we aim at making a significant contribution to patient safety and to improve human health.

Tobias Werk

Founder and CEO of Bionter

He holds a Ph.D. in pharmaceutical sciences and has a long record of inventing and developing innovative devices in the pharmaceutical sector.

In July 2020, he launched his company, Bionter, with the purpose of making the many steps of the drug development process more efficient, and thus ultimately improving people’s health. As a biotechnologist and chemist, he has a deep understanding of technology; his professional experience in drug product development helps him understand the needs of this market; his analytical and creative mindset helps him to exceed current processes and mindsets.

“In any business setting, a careful observer tries to find equipment and processes that can be improved. This was and remains exactly my goal: helping other scientists develop medicines faster and better.”

Hanns-Christian Mahler

CEO & Board Member at ten23 health

He is a pharmacist by training and holds a Ph.D. in pharmacology and toxicology.

In 2015, he was appointed Associate Professor at the University of Frankfurt and teaches at the University of Frankfurt and at the University of Basel. Mahler has previously held leading positions at Lonza AG, Fa Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd and Merck KGaA. He has an extensive expertise in particle testing, process development & validation, and regulatory submissions.

Reinhard Vogt

Managing Director at Dynamk Capital LLC

Reinhard Vogt is an experienced C-level leader and former Executive Vice President at Sartorius. Vogt holds in-depth knowledge of customer needs, technology, sales and production in the Biotech sector.

Marc Funk

CEO Recipharm

Since March 2021, Marc Funk has been CEO of Recipharm, a contract manufacturer and developer for the pharmaceutical industry. Prior to that, Funk held C-level positions at Lonza.

Sanaya Dhir- Associate Marketing Director

Sanaya Dhir

Associate Marketing Director

Sanaya Dhir is the Associate Marketing Director at Bionter. She has more than 10 years’ experience in several industries including in the healthcare and life sciences domain.

She holds a Master’s Degree in Political Economy from Kings College London, UK and a BSc Econ in Politics & International Relations from the University of Cardiff, UK.

Shahbaz Arif

Scientist, Technical Project Lead

Shahbaz Arif is a scientist at Bionter. He has more than 7 years of experience in Pharma research and analytical testing. He is well-connected in the particle testing community.

John Carpenter

Professor Emeritus at University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

Professor John Carpenter of the University of Denver, Colorado, supports Bionter as one of the world’s leading scientists in particle testing. Dr. Carpenter is an expert in the field of protein aggregation.


Katrin Geschwendt

VP Sales, Global

Katrin has over 15 years experience in life science sales in both established as well as start-up company environments.

Her multifaceted background spans fields such as immunoassays, capillary electrophoresis, high-content imaging, automation and finally particulate matter testing solutions.

Katrin´s focus has always centred around helping pharmaceutical and Biotech groups find insights faster through novel approaches based on cutting-edge platforms, effectively removing bottlenecks in different stages of compound development, quality control and production.

Our Mission

As a pioneer in particle analysis, we are revolutionizing the industry with breakthrough developments and creating an innovative, efficient process that increases quality, safety and cost effectiveness.

We enable faster medicinal development and ensure that both the time and expense in medicinal development can be significantly reduced – while simultaneously increasing quality, production and patient safety.


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